Be Work Optional From Your Business With A Wealth Portfolio.

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7 Figure Wealth is a 6 month mastermind for entrepreneurs who want a wealth portfolio that generates income outside of their businesses.

→ Learn how to become an investor and invest your first $10k in the stock market

→  Implement a 7 figure debt strategy

→ Build out your portfolio to create an income generating portfolio that requires no work

→ Buy real estate without a W2

→ Get coached on your money mindset every step of the way

In 6 months you will:

Even if you have debt, have never invested in the stock market before, or have scaling business expenses coming up.

7 Figure Wealth will teach you how to build a wealth portfolio that generates income for you always.

Anything can change, but your financial security can be forever. My Dad was forced to retire early when his health took a turn for the worse, and even though he was the breadwinner, NOTHING had to change financially because his wealth portfolio replaced his income.

Now that he's gone, his wealth portfolio is still earning an income for my mom. You CANNOT rely on your labor to pay the bills forever.

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Your business shouldn't be the only income source in your life.

When you went full time into your business, you became financially independent from a job. Now it's time to be financially independent from your business too!

When you create a diversified wealth portfolio, you ensure that your wealth is secure no matter what you decide to do next. ANY big change in your life won't interrupt your financial security.

Become 100% Financially Independent.

If you've recently come into a windfall, or you've been put in charge of managing a family members money and you have no clue how to manage this new lump sum of money, 7FW is for you. We've helped divorcee's maximize their divorce settlements, children help manage their aging parents estates, and can help you feel 100% confident that you're putting the money to work for you.

Who is 7 Figure Wealth for?

7 Figure Wealth is for you if you're:

The Windfall

You're under so much pressure to provide for yourself and your family. After 7 Figure Wealth it's no longer going to be all on you, your wealth portfolio will be the 2nd income in your household.

The Breadwinner

You're a risk taker, you invest a lot back into your business, and you don't want to stop spending. After 7 Figure Wealth you're going to have an additional income source for you to live off of so you can freely re-invest everything back into the business and still pay your personal bills.


You're tired of the cycles of poverty your family has endured, but you also don't know what you don't know. After 7 Figure Wealth you're going to be the first millionaire in your family and raise the tide for future generations with the knowledge you will be able to share.


7 Figure Wealth is for entrepreneurs who are the first in their families to build wealth, be high earners, and invest in the stock market.
You've built a successful business but you're ready to to be Work Optional. After 7 Figure Wealth you're going to have an income generating portfolio that matches your business income so you can stop working whenever you want.


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You can create 7 figures in assets BEFORE YOU HAVE A 7 FIGURE BUSINESS.

When you become an investor, you become someone with a passive income stream. And it doesn't require that you learn how to pick stocks or spend hours reading the news. All it takes is a 1 time setup that we can accomplish in an afternoon.

The Stock Market is the Only Passive Income.

Imagine having a portfolio that creates 6 figures of income outside of your business with just 1 hour of maintenance per year.

Courses aren't passive.
Products aren't passive.
Business isn't passive.

Welcome to the 7 Figure Wealth Plan

Come into this module with zero understanding of how investing in the stock market works, and walk out being able to explain it to your friends over drinks. I'll walk you through investing in the stock market and help you set up your first $10k of investments.

Trainings include:
→ What actually is the stock market?

→ How to open a Vanguard or Fidelity account

→ Where to fund your $10k from

Invest your first 10k


Debt is one of the most misunderstood wealth generation tools. In this module you'll create a debt pay off plan, then a debt leveraging plan to learn you can start utilizing debt to make you millions. You'll learn which debt to pay off first, and which debt to keep.

Trainings include:
→ What debt to pay off and what debt to keep

→ How to use debt to your advantage

→ When to pay off your student debt, auto loan, and mortgage

Debt Payoff


Something happens when you hit $100k invested, your portfolio starts taking on a life of its own and you start seeing real income being generated before your eyes. In this module you'll learn about all the accounts you'll need, how your investments get taxed, and how to legally evade taxes with your portfolio!

Trainings include:
→ How to live off your investment portfolio

→ The Freedom Calculator which helps you determine how much passive income you can create

→ What to do when the stock market crashes

→ Set up your kids multi-million dollar retirement

$100k Invested


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The Modules

Whether you want to buy your forever home, get into real estate investing, or remodel your current property - this module will take you through the buying process from Zillow to Keys. In this module we help you get financially prepared, we teach you how to hire a real estate agent, and get you into your dream home faster than you imagined possible.

Trainings include:
→ What financials you need to prepare to buy a home

→ Paying a big mortgage with inconsistent income

→ Making a 6 figure wire transfer

Acquire Real Estate


The Next 6 Months Will Include:

Weekly group calls where you can come and get coached on your money mindset, while also getting portfolio consultation and all your questions answered.

6 Months of Weekly Group Coaching

Every single month you'll receive a personalized review based on your portfolios performance with what exact actions to take next, and what wealth mindset work to do for the next 30 days.

Monthly Personalized Portfolio Reviews

Quick 5-15 minute video lessons that will help you set up your 7 figure Wealth Portfolio without needing a 7 figure business first. 

A Curriculum Portal

Submit your debt numbers to Gina and she will create a custom loom video telling you exactly which debt to pay off first, and HOW to pay it off.

Debt Strategy Reviews

What's Included

A slack channel where you can ask questions, get coached between calls, connect with your peers, and share your wins. I'm in our slack Mon-Fri to offer real time support

A Communications Hub

My mission is to be the anti-gatekeeping financial coach. I bring everything I've learned from being an active manager of my family's estate, having gone through the process of inheriting money in the past, and being privy to how my parents fully paid for 4 kids college without going into debt to my clients.

I have helped my clients create tens of MILLIONS of wealth with retirement investments, real estate, savings, kids college funds, and more.

I'm the trust fund baby your kids will be

Hi, I'm Financial Coach Gina Knox

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The investment


6 monthly payments of $1,000


one time payment of $6,000

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"I learned how to manage my moms assets and funded my retirement"

Abigail joined 7 Figure Wealth with 2 goals - help her aging mother manage her finances so that she has enough money to last through the end of her life, and get her own retirement sorted out. In 6 months Abigail learned the skills she needed to confidently manager her mothers estate, and created a retirement plan 

"I created a hands free 8 figure retirement"

When Janae joined 7 Figure Wealth she was incredibly weary of investing in the stock market, and felt like everyone around her knew something she didn't know. After 6 months in the mastermind, Janae went from $0 invested to over $170,000 invested in her stock market portfolio which will grow to over 11 million dollars on it's own by the time she's ready to retire. Her future is fully secured which free's her up to invest more in her business, her quality of life, and her education.

"I created 5 figures of passive income"

Marisha joined 7 Figure Wealth with the goal to be work optional. She loves her business, but wanted to have an exit strategy anyways. In 6 months she grew her stock market portfolio from 100k to over 400k and her portfolio started generating 5 figures in monthly passive growth! She was able to pay for a remodel on her home, and now is re-invigorated about working on her business because it feels fun again!


When Kirsten joined 7 Figure Wealth she had never ever touched the stock market. She'd never had an old 401k, she'd never opened an investment account before and no one in her family had either. Her family had always relied on real estate. In 7FW she was hand held in opening her first account, investing her first 10k, and after just 2 months her account grew by $661.07 completely passively.

Dielle - Business Coach
"I created a plan to retire early at the age of 35"

Dielle joined 7FW after having paid off a huge portion of her student loans, after having bought a home, and paid off student debt. She has a thriving 7 figure business, but after a chronic illness diagnosis she realized she wanted to be fully financially independent from her business. We created a plan to have the stock market generate a $16,000 per month salary for her by the time she's 35 so she can either decide to continue working, or decide to live off of her investments.

Heather - Business Coach
"I paid off over 22k of business debt"

Heather is what I call a high risk tolerance, lavish spender. She's a high earner who spends like it, and although there's nothing wrong with that, she was ready for her accounts to reflect how wealthy she feels. By implementing our debt pay off process Heather was able to pay off over $22k of business debt, and start funding her personal stock portfolio.

Erika - Life Coach & Speaker
"I created an investment portfolio and bought a home in Mexico"

Erika joined 7FW with way too much cash on hand, feeling like her cash was just sitting there doing nothing for her. To top it off she was going back and forth and back and forth about where she wanted to live and felt like she didn't want to spend her cash in case she needed it to move. By using our process Erika was able to move past the fear of investing her savings, she opened her investment accounts and did a 5 figure lump sum transfer. She then bought a home in Mexico AND she's making plans to buy a second property in LA where she can live, and airbnb out while she's traveling.

Jess - Business Coach
"I grew my net worth by 10k while increasing my credit score 65 points"

Jess comes from a long line of bankruptcies and home foreclosures, on our sales call she said "I feel like wealth isn't for me, wealth is for people who wear cardigans in Connecticut". 2.5 months later and Jess had increased her net worth by 10k, paid off credit card debt, and increased her credit score by 65 points.

Twyla - Fine Jeweler
"I bought a home while on vacation"

Twyla joined the 7 Figure Wealth Mastermind with the goal of buying a home that had space for herself, her guests, and a separate home studio for her to work. She was tired of commuting to work, having to pack a lunch, and living in a small apartment with no room for a dining room table. Twyla had a lot of thoughts about how hard the process would be as a single woman, in a high cost of living area - and yet 2.5 months later she had the keys. She even wired the money and closed the deal while on vacation in Europe!

Genieva - Publicist & PR Coach
"I created a multi-million dollar retirement plan"

Genieva had multiple old retirement funds from her past career floating around the ether. She had no clue how they worked, or what to do with them. After getting coached, she was able to consolidate all the accounts, and make informed decisions about what to do. Now her retirement investments are on track to grow to multiple millions by the time she's 65.
Genieva is now getting ready to buy a home. Something she thought was YEARS away as the sole breadwinner.

Christina - Copy Writer
"I invested my families trust"

Christina was made the executor to her grandmothers trust and was tasked with managing it so her grandmother could live off it, a responsibility she takes really seriously. Paralyzed with not knowing what to do with it Christina joined 7FW and after watching the investing trainings, and spending just 45 minutes researching - she had invested the money, ensuring passive income for her family.


As a single mother and a breadwinner Mariela was putting a lot of pressure on herself to perform. To always be earning and making sure herself and her daughter were going to be ok. This pressure wreaking havoc on her mental health, and her business decisions. Now Mariela has been able to set up a trust for her daughter which is on track to grow to 7 million AND she's been able to set up an investment account for herself, she said "It just frees me up to be more fearless"

Each Wealth-Sheet comes fully prepared with:

→ An introduction to the legal concept
→ A checklist to go through and finalize your document
→ A "how to find an attorney" guide
→ A worksheet for you and your partner to fill out separately
→ A discussion guide for you and your partner to navigate the process without fighting

New Feature!

Introducing the Wealth-Sheet Vault

It's time to do the Adult Shit and get your money cleaned up. Our Wealth-Sheets take you through the process of crafting complex legal documents while having open and honest conversations with your partner, and saving you on legal fee's because you'll walk into your lawyers office FULLY prepared.

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Wealthy Wins


Your MOST valuable asset when it comes to building true generational wealth is not how much money you make right now, or how much cash you have sitting in the bank. By FAR your greatest asset is time.  If you have 3k, you're ready to start NOW.

Yes, you can join the mastermind even if you're not in 6FS. 6 Figure Saver is our signature savings program where you'll learn how to manage your variable income so that you can save. This mastermind takes it to the next level by creating your 7 Figure Wealth Portfolio.

Yes. Financial advisors are a great part of your money team, but they're not coaches. The power of 7 Figure Wealth is that we'll coach your money mindset along with talking you through the strategy. By participating in this mastermind you'll be able to better communicate and work with your advisor.

  • You'll be coached through past investing traumas
  • You'll be coached through creating harmonious decisions as a couple
  • You'll be coached to feel UNBOTHERED
  • You'll be coached through market downturns
  • You'll be coached on your feeling of scarcity
  • You'll be coached on creating financial safety

We will loop in your financial advisor when needed, but our work goes far beyond just strategy, we want you to also FEEL safe, clear, and in control.

Key Dates:
1. Slack access begins May 13th
2. Our kickoff event is May 16th and 17th
3. Our 6 months end on November 10th

We only take on clients who are entrepreneurs and have a minimum of $10k cash. This can be cash in your business, your personal accounts, or a mix of both.

We host calls from 11am - 12:00pm CST on Tuesdays. All calls are recorded and uploaded to our replay library within 24 hours where you can watch them on demand.

What you'll accomplish in the first 30 days

In 7 Figure Wealth we hit the ground running, because time is money! Your first 30 days in the mastermind will include:

→ Identify your next wealth building goal based on the 7 Figure Wealth Plan

→ Set up/consolidate your investment accounts so everything is under 1 login

→ Invest your first, or next $10k in the stock market

→ Get your first customized monthly report from Gina on next steps

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