Create a hands off 7 figure Wealth Portfolio before you make 7 figures in business. 



7 Figure Wealth is a 6 month mastermind for entrepreneurs who are scaling their income from 100k to 250k, 250k to 500k, or 500k to 1M.

→ Create an income generating portfolio that requires no work

→ Buy a home without a W2

→ Learn how to buy a luxury car for a few thousand dollars

→ Implement a 7 figure debt strategy

→ Complete a Wealth Assessment VIP day with Coach Gina Knox

→ Get coached on your money mindset every step of the way

In 6 months you will:

In 7 Figure Wealth there are 5 core ways we think about creating wealth:

  1. Strategically leverage, and pay off debt
  2. Set and automate your stock market portfolio
  3. Buy your first or next home
  4. Leverage estate planning to create an income generating portfolio for the people you love (i.e a kids college fund, or a retirement fund for your parents)
  5. Taking bigger risks like investing in other businesses, crypto, fine art, and more!

It sounds fancy and complex but it's really simple. Your Wealth Portfolio is the collection of assets you own. In 7 Figure Wealth you're going to EXPAND it.

What is a Wealth Portfolio?

You can create 7 figures in assets before you have a 7 figure business.

If you're ready to:

1. Have a zero work wealth plan
2. Buy your first home without a W2
3. Get over investing and money trauma
4. Pay for your kids college in full
5. Pay off debt
6. Retire with millions (no, literally)

7 Figure Wealth is going to walk you through how.


But a hands free investment portfolio WILL scale to 7 figures and beyond without a single ounce of effort from you after you set it up. And you don’t even have to know how to pick stocks to do it.

Investing Is The Only Passive Income.

My investment portfolio has generated over 6 figures of income and I never lift a finger.

Courses aren't passive.
Products aren't passive.
Business isn't passive.

The Modules

I'll walk you through the home purchasing process from Zillow to Key's - even if you don't have a W2, or can get qualified for a mortgage. In this module we help you get financially prepared, we teach you how to hire a real estate agent, and get you into your dream home faster than you imagined possible.



Come into this module with zero understanding of how investing in the market works, and walk out being able to explain it to your friends. I'll walk you through investing in the stock market and how to create a Zero Work portfolio that doesn't require you to pick stocks.

You'll also learn how to legally evade taxes with your portfolio!

Stock Market Investments


Debt is one of the most misunderstood wealth generation tools. In this module you'll create a debt pay off plan, then a debt leveraging plan to learn you can start utilizing debt to make you millions.




The Next 6 Months Will Include:

These group calls are where you and your partner can come and get coached on your money mindset, and wealth portfolio strategy.

6 Months of Weekly Group Coaching

A slack channel where you and your partner can ask questions, get coached between calls, connect with your peers, and share your wins.

A Communications Hub

Quick 5-15 minute video lessons that will help you set up your 7 figure Wealth Portfolio without needing a 7 figure business first. 

A Curriculum Portal

 A 2 day virtual kickoff event where Gina will provide coaching and strategy that will set the tone for the next 6 months.

A Live Event Kick-Off

For this launch only you'll receive an VIP Day with Gina to create your 7 Figure Wealth Portfolio plan! More details below.

A Bonus VIP Day

What's Included

You deserve to fund your life investments like you fund your business investments

The investment


6 monthly payments of $1,000


one time payment of $6,000


I’m the trust fund baby your kids will be. As a kid I grew up in a wealthy family who lovingly thought me priceless lessons about money. I've been exposed to countless financial strategies, tax strategies, trust and estate planning strategies that the average millennial has never heard of. 

My mission is to be the anti-gatekeeping financial coach so that your kids will also grow up like me. In a family where money lessons are taught from a young age, and finances are never a source of stress.

I have helped my clients create tens of MILLIONS of wealth with retirement investments, real estate, savings, kids college funds, and more.

I'm your financial coach Gina Knox.

► Application opens in November.
► Once your application is accepted you'll have the option to book a sales call with me, or go directly to check-out.
► The sales call calendar will be open from April 24th - May 5th, you will be able to book at a time that works for you.

► Once you're accepted into the mastermind you'll be sent next steps and you'll have 48 hours to complete payment.
► Applications close 2 weeks later.

Mastermind Enrollment Process:



You're ready to join if you're making money in your household (both you and a partners combined income), even if you feel like there's never enough left over. This mastermind will teach you how to organize your finances so that you're optimizing your money TODAY, without needing to earn more.

Yes, you can join the mastermind even if you're not in 6FS. 6 Figure Saver is our signature savings program where you'll learn how to manage your variable income so that you can save. This mastermind takes it to the next level by creating your 7 Figure Wealth Portfolio.

Yes. Financial advisors are a great part of your money team, but they're not coaches. The power of 7 Figure Wealth is that we'll coach your money mindset along with talking you through the strategy. By participating in this mastermind you'll be able to better communicate and work with your advisor.

  • You'll be coached through past investing traumas
  • You'll be coached through creating harmonious decisions as a couple
  • You'll be coached to feel UNBOTHERED
  • You'll be coached through market downturns
  • You'll be coached on your feeling of scarcity
  • You'll be coached on creating financial safety

We will loop in your financial advisor when needed, but our work goes far beyond just strategy, we want you to also FEEL safe, clear, and in control.

Yes! I've worked with countless single people on building wealth before getting married. Many of my clients have bought homes as single women, fully funded their retirements before partnership, and so much more!

You are MORE than welcome to participate solo, even if you're married and your partner doesn't want to participate.

Applications Open in November