Clean up your money and increase profit

So you can pay off business debt, pay for taxes in full, and take home more money


  • You have a high cash month and as soon as the money lands you spend it all on the backlog of things you had your eye on. Making a lot of money is so excited when you've never had money before, so you tell yourself "I deserve this"

  • Then when a low cash month comes you frantically cut all your expenses again, and sometimes dip into debt to keep the business running.

  • Now there's enormous pressure on your business to make all the money back. Business stops feeling fun, and you feel trapped.

Is this you?


always saying "I'll just make more money" isn't the answer


If you want to grow a sustainable business, doing work you love, without having to worry about money ever again, you’ll need to re-learn everything you think you know about saving.

Build financial safety without cutting expenses

When you learn to manage your cashflow you:

- Stop being scared that a failed payment means a late bill

- Release all the pressure you have on your launches to succeed

- Easily refund a nightmare client without any financial anxiety

- Make every investment you want to make when you want to make it

- Stop racking up debt that feels impossible to pay off.

As entrepreneurs, we need to spend money to make money so cutting expenses left and right isn't a viable saving strategy.

Nobody is teaching entrepreneurs how to manage the money they make

so they can take home more.

As a high paid tech worker my main option for saving was to hide money from myself in my 401k, or cut expenses. There was a fixed amount of money coming in every month, so if I didn't save - well that was it.

You might think saving is easier with a 9-5, but that couldn't be further from the truth. Saving a ton of money is so much easier as an entrepreneur but you have to re-learn everything you think you know about saving.

Meet Your Coach Gina Knox

I save more money as an entrepreneur than I ever did as a tech worker.

By harnessing the power of my inconsistent income (instead of being afraid of it), I've been able to:

➝ Save $100k many times over
➝ Pay off $45k of business debt
➝ Invest in hiring my team 
➝ Invest in making sure I have the skills needed to scale
➝ Put on live events and pay out of pocket

In 6 Figure Saver I'll show you how to do the same.


She went from feeling incredibly disorganized and all over the place, behind on her invoicing and bookkeeping, to creating a money system that works. She got organized, got caught up, and implemented the Owners Pay System. Now she's regularly saving 5 figures a month!


She put the $100k Blueprint into place by cleaning up her Money Systems, working on her Money Mindset, and embodying Money Leadership. 12 months later to the T, Dr. Kari had over 6 figures of assets using The Blueprint.

Meet the Savers who hit $100k!

Twyla saved $104,181 in 7 months while transitioning to fine jewelery

Twyla joined 6 Figure Saver with the thought that she needed to work more if she wanted to earn more. We worked HARD on her money mindset and ended up selling $100k in 54 days, and having a $20k cash sales day on her birthday while she was out celebrating. By tackling her money mindset around her ability to earn money, she was able to make more AND save more than ever before.

Kirsten Saved $175,893.03 with debt, and while transitioning her business model

Kirsten joined 6FS with a 300k business, all her offers selling on evergreen, and paying herself a minimal owners pay to cover her bills. She set up her Cash Flow Waterfall, started paying herself 5 figures, and learning how to save in lump sums all while transitioning her business to a launch model.

Leslie saved $108,000 and started her retirement fund

Leslie wanted to do 2 things when she started working on her money journey. She wanted to FEEL confident in her money management and feel like she was going to be ok (even with her high cost of living), and she wanted to see real money growing in the bank. After 8 months Leslie has been able to save $108k across her business and her personal finances, she's started contributing to her retirement, all while having her kids in private school, taking regular vacations, and not cutting her quality of life.

Talia saved $102,000 as a therapist 

Talia's therapy practice was growing and she wanted to make sure she was being a good steward of her money, and being smart about it. By implementing the cash flow management tools in 6FS, and getting her money mindset coached, Talia was able to save over $100k in less than a year in preparation for buying her dream SoCal home.

Jasmine saved $105,500 in 6 months while growing her team

Jasmine joined 6FS skeptical. She thought "I can learn how to save, but $100k is a definitely a stretch goal". Then she went through the curriculum in 1 weekend and started implementing. Within her first 30 days Jasmine had saved $20,500. Within 6 months she had saved $105k, shocking even herself. With her savings she's been able to invest in high level masterminds, go on multiple friends trips, and invest in her dream interior designer and furniture upgrades. 

Dielle saved $147,800.00 and fully paid off her student debt

Dielle joined 6FS with a scaling business, BIG upcoming expenses for live events she was planning, and the desire to pay off her student debt that had been lingering. By implementing the coaching, and strategies in 6FS Dielle was able to save over $100k and turn around and pay off her student debt in FULL!


The SIMPLE Profit System

Implement our simple 3 account banking system and learn how to save on inconsistent income. Then use our Profit & Loss Spreadsheet to stay compliant and ready for tax time.

S - Saving Systems & Spreadsheets

Set a grounded annual income goal for sales and your take home pay, then learn how to identify and eliminate your money blocking thoughts.

I - Income

Learn the Unbothered Energy mindset tool for feeling better about your debt, you spending, your bank balance, your sales, and more.

M - Money Mindset

Use our Cash Flow Planner to project your sales in the next 30 days, quarter, or year. Learn projections if you're launch based or evergreen, service based or product based.

P - Projections

Learn how to pay off debt the 6 Figure Saver way - with a stacked bank account, because it's easier to pay off debt when you're sitting on a ton of savings.

L - Loans & Debt

Expenses are 50% of the profit equation. Learn how to identify the business expenses that you should cut, and the ones you should double down on.

E - Expenses


Is This You?

You think you need to earn more before saving $100K

01   /   04

6FS will help you earn more so you can save more with our Make Money Reviews and because you'll have the savings to invest in your business and help it grow. I've never met a business that didn't save more after implementing our banking system - even without earning more first. 

02   /   04

You've accumulated debt you want to pay off

6FS will help you get out of debt reliance forever by teaching you how to save while in debt. Turns out it's super easy to pay off debt when your bank account is fully stacked, our clients do it every day.

03   /   04

You don't have any expenses to cut

Entrepreneurs don't need to cut expenses to save, you just need to implement a banking system that helps you save with all your inconsistent income. Our clients are constantly saving without cutting expenses using this method.

04   /   04

You know how to save, but it always ends up getting drained

6FS will help you grow your savings all the way to $100K in your accounts - even when unexpected expenses come up.

Here is what’s included in 6FS

Every Tuesday at 11am PST I coach my clients inside 6 Figure Saver to make sure they're reaching their financial goals and staying accountable.

We're a first-name-basis type of group.

Financial Coaching


  • Every week we have a live group coaching call where you have the opportunity to get hot seat coached.

  • Monday - Friday I answer questions and coach inside our slack channel.

The only finance course for entrepreneurs that walks you step-by-step through how to save $100k in 12 months while paying yourself more. This is THE industry standard financial management course for business and personal finances.

Financial Course


  • Video trainings breakdown everything you need to succeed financially

  • Beautifully designed spreadsheets (just plug and play - no spreadsheet or math skills required)

  • Deep dives into your money mindset

When you've submitted $10k or more of savings in 6FS, Savers unlock access to The Lounge, a members only lounge where you'll unlock access to:



  • An additional bonus course that will guide you in continuing your savings journey based on your income level

  • A Members only quarterly call with Gina

Submit your numbers at any time and get a cash flow review within 48 hours by a 6FS Coach. In your review we'll go over:

Cash Flow Reviews


to Dive In?

The Lounge is included in your 6FS membership, but your spot must be earned!

Every first Friday of the month we host our Monthly Money Dates. These are 3 hour blocks of time where you can come co-work with us, update your money trackers for the month prior, and make your spending and savings plans for the month to come.

Monthly Money Dates


  • Come and go as you like during our 3 hour block
  • Take the call from the pool, or your favorite coffee shop and make it a treat!
  • Have 6FS coaches on the call to help with any spreadsheet troubleshooting questions

  • What money to leave in your checking, and what to move to savings
  • What your owners pay should be, and what you can afford
  • Go over 6 months of income and expenses with you
  • Create a cash flow plan based on your unique numbers

Make More Money Reviews


Once your saving system is set up, it's time to full the fire by bringing in more sales to your business. Make More Money Reviews are private loom videos with a personalized sales mindset and action plan for you to help you earn more money within the next 7-14 days.

  • A private personalized loom video
  • Delivered to your inbox for maximum privacy
  • Actionable next steps to earn more money in the next 7-14 days



12 Month access to weekly coaching calls

12 Month access to Slack community

6 Figure Saver full spreadsheet suite for business

join the waitlist




Amanda is a Canadian based entrepreneur who joined 6FS with a scaling business, and the scaling expenses to match.  She said her biggest barrier to saving was that her expenses were so high, and there wasn't really anything to cut. 

In Amandas first week of 6FS she implemented the Cash Flow Waterfall and saved her first $25,000! She's been saving using the methods we teach ever since and hasn't had to cut any expenses to do so.

Lisa saved $102,981.22 and then quit her job to be a full time entrepreneur

Lisa joined 6FS as a side hustler, and ended 6FS as a full time entrepreneur. She implemented the money mindset frameworks, cash flow systems, and separated her business finances from her personal finances. 7 days before her 12 month mark in 6FS she hit $100k saved!

Heather saved $175,252.52 while transitioning her business model

Heather joined 6 Figure Saver right before a big business transition. She changed her offer from a 6 week program to a 12 month program, and went from selling on evergreen to doing launches where her program would be closed for months at a time. Using the 6FS strategies Heather has been able to consistently pay herself, pay in full for her big tax bill, and she's successfully transitioned her business without the awkward cash crunches.

Lily saved $138,801.41 while increasing her expenses

Lily is a breadwinner who joined 6 Figure Saver 4 months before some really big expenses in her life. She was about to pay in full for her wedding, and then take the summer off of selling to write her book. She needed to build reserves and fast in order to make it through the summer, using the 6FS strategies she was able to financially cover everything, take time off for her wedding and to finish writing her book, and by cleaning up her money mindset has hit her biggest launches to date.

Tiffany saved $101,078.05 as a money coach!

Tiffany is a money coach who joined 6FS because she wanted to learn how to manage her inconsistent income and build business reserves. She's brilliant at helping her clients, but she knew she would benefit from learning about the business side of finance while also getting money coaching on her ability to earn more. In less than 12 months she's saved over 100k.


More Savers who hit $100k!

Chelsya saved $137,003.18 without coming to the coaching calls

Chelsya joined 6FS with high business expenses and debt. She wanted to learn how to save without feeling guilty and still enjoy her life today while balancing her long term goals. In just 6.5 months Chelsya saved over 100k!


Selina joined 6 Figure Saver worried that she earned too little to save $100k in 12 months. She had a lot of self doubt in the beginning, but decided to trust the processes. Through implementing the Cash Flow Waterfall tool and getting coached on her Money MAKING mindset, Selina has been able to scale her income, and her bank account.

Selina saved as a low ticket product based business

Selina joined 6 Figure Saver worried that she earned too little to save $100k in 12 months. She had a lot of self doubt in the beginning, but decided to trust the processes. Through implementing the Cash Flow Waterfall tool and getting coached on her Money MAKING mindset, Selina has been able to scale her income, and her bank account.


6 Figure Saver has helped entrepreneurs at all revenue levels collectively save


In less than 4 years

  • 12 Month access to weekly coaching calls
  • 12 Month access to Slack community
  • 6 Figure Saver full spreadsheet suite for business and personal
  • And more!

The average client saves $2,554.10 in their first 7 days

The average client saves $4,782.92 in their first 30 days

The average client saves $23,993.13 in their first 6 months

The average client saves $54,549.39 in 12 months

Saving Stats

The investment


5 monthly payments of $500

You'll Receive:

  • 12 months access to weekly live coaching calls and slack support
  • 12 months access to curriculum portal
  • Full business finance spreadsheet suite


one time payment of $2,500

January 2024

Tax Savings Challenge

With April tax season right around the corner, the 6FS community will host a tax savings challenge where we will walk you through all the strategies you need to be prepared to pay for taxes in April.

Summer 2024

Cash Camp

It's time we make money FUN! Introducing CASH CAMP our summer camp designed to get you saving. The goal of cash camp is simple: pick something fun you want to spend money on this summer, spend it, and then replenish your savings.

Make more sales by the end of the year by identifying your money making blocks, creating an action plan to create more sales, and get coached daily on shifting your money making mindset.

Winter 2024

Money Making Mindset Challenge

The 3 Live Challenges


When Sara joined 6 Figure Saver she had come off of her highest income year to date, with no savings to show for it. She felt ashamed for earning so much and saving so little. By working on rebalancing her business spending, setting up her owners pay, and learning how to manage her business cash flow - she's saved more than she earned in the entire year last year. 



Amber joined 6FS with lower profit than previous years and feeling like she couldn't save without earning more. By implementing the strategies we teach in the "save your first $1,000" training she's been able to save while working on her increasing her income.



Savannah joined 6FS at the absolute perfect time for her business. She's been scaling her retainer offer and saving as she goes, by implementing our savings systems she's been able to build up her business reserves, and now is considering expanding her business. Having her reserves padded will be critical when it comes time to hire.


Saving thousands is EASIER with inconsistent income

When you have a fixed income with a 9-5 the only real way to save is by cutting expenses. But as entrepreneurs we get the luxury of inconsistent income. We're not locked into a bi-weekly paycheck, which means we can save big lump sums. Check out some of our clients stories:


Ashley joined 6FS as a side hustler with no plan for how to financially afford to quit her job. Within her first coaching call it was clear that she was anxious about saving for taxes, and wasn't paying herself at all from the business because her 9-5 salary was paying all her bills. We worked on having her set up her banking systems to start treating her business like a real business, not a side hustle, and within 45 days she was matching her 9-5 salary with her owners pay. A few months later she submitted her noticed and went full time in the business with her savings stacked.



Kris joined 6FS with her MFR Therapy business while also working a part time job on the side. She wants to work towards quitting her side job and needs to save for her Quit Your Job Fund. Through implementing the banking systems in 6FS she's been able to save over 59k and has a timeline set for quitting her job and going full time into her business.



Kierra joined 6 Figure Saver after buying a home and locking in higher expenses. She was worried about how she'd be able to pay off debt, and continue paying the bills while also going through a business transition and having inconsistent income. By learning our saving with debt strategy Kierra has been able to save over 17k while also sending lump sums to debt and working towards her debt free plan.



While listening to your masterclass I realized how everything you were saying was true. I have some cc debt and feel like I just can't get ahead of it. I use my income to pay off the cc before I add to savings, savings is always the last resort, like a treat if I make "enough". After your masterclass I see that I'm going about it all wrong and would love to harness the tools to have a more successful savings strategy.


Alora, business coach, saved $25,800 with inconsistent income

Alora is a photographer turned coach who joined 6 Figure Saver with no clue how to save or manager her money. She said "I’m a left handed creative and my brain cannot.". After implementing the Cash Flow Waterfall she's now saving every week, investing in her business, and scaling faster than she planned.



Andrea is a money coach and an expert in helping people with 9-5s save and invest, but when it came to her business she wasn't confident in managing an inconsistent cash flow. By implementing our banking system she built up her business reserves and was able to quit her 9-5 to become a full time money coach.



Isabella joined 6FS because "cash flow feels very start and stop. I hit "nothing is working" valleys.". It's so common as entrepreneurs to go through the feast or famine when it comes to our sales. Which is why building your business savings is so crucial. It helps tide you over while you continue working on business development and marketing.


Evie, salary negotiation coach, saved $10,000 with inconsistent income

As a side hustler Evie was a self proclaimed Squirrel. She had TONS of bank accounts where she'd "hide" money from herself in order to try and not see her money and save. After joining 6FS she cleaned up her banking systems and was able to save 10k as a side hustler.



Marchelle joined 6 Figure Saver during a cash flow squeeze. Her bills were high because of payroll and rent. Even while going through this cash flow squeeze Marchelle has saved over 48k while getting weekly money mindset support and making space to work on her business not just in her business.



Tiffany joined 6 Figure Saver because she wanted to be more responsible with her finances and prove to herself that she is capable of saving. After just 4 months she's saved over 5 figures, has funded her tax savings account, and created her banking system that makes saving easy.



Simi is a UK based career coach who still has a 9-5 she loves in addition to her business. She joined 6FS with the desire to start treating her business more seriously, build her business savings, and stop impulse purchasing coaching programs. By building up her business reserves Simi has been able to invest in a 5 figure rebrand project to help grow her business without having to take on debt.



Yvonne had a lot of fear surrounding the idea that she'd need to go back to her 9-5 that was adding a ton of pressure to her business. After getting coached on her money mindset, Yvonne was able to release the pressure on her business, have her largest launch to date, save 5 figures, and give herself an owners pay raise.



As the primary breadwinner, and a newly full time entrepreneur Geneiva had a lot of money anxiety about making sure she could keep the bills paid while also working on investing in her business so it could continue to grow.



Katie is building her money coaching business while also working full time and getting her PhD. By implementing our business saving system she was able to quickly save multiple 5 figures which will help her cover the cost of her education, while continuing to grow her business.



In Joyia's intake form she said "I'm currently not saving at all because I don't think I have enough money to do so. I need to shift my money mindset.". By implementing the savings strategies we teach in 6FS we had the honor of proving her wrong. 


Jennifer, weight loss coach, saved $25,473.71 with inconsistent income

Jennifer joined 6FS ready to transform her relationship with money and learn how to save on inconsistent income without going full on restriction mode. As a weight loss coach who teaches people how to lose weight without a diet, she wanted to learn how to save without a budget.


Mary, a perfumer, saved $9,626.46 with inconsistent income

Mary joined 6FS as a perfumer, and part time bar tender. She wanted to learn how to treat her business like a business and save so that she could quit her part time job and go full time in the business. In her onboarding form she said "On such a small income, I'm struggling to find the confidence/power to become a "high earner" while also planning little impulsive buys." - by the end of her 12 months she'd submitted over 9k of savings wins and told us she saved over 11k total!


Jonathan, MFR Therapist, saved $4,198.15 on inconsistent income

Jonathan joined 6FS with 9k in credit card debt and feeling like it was really urgent to pay it off. After getting coached on his money making mindset, he had his first a $10k month in business, and has been able to build up his business savings so that he can pay off the debt for good.


Morgan, CTO, saved $7,661.54 with inconsistent income

Morgan joined 6FS thinking she couldn't save as an entrepreneur with variable income because she lives in one of the highest cost of living states. She thought in order to save without moving she'd just have to earn more. By implementing the savings systems we teach in 6FS she saved $6,220.49 within the first 30 days of joining!


Elizabeth, podcast producer, saved $47,854.63 with inconsistent income

When Elizabeth joined 6FS she was maxed out with clients, but not nearly as profitable as she wanted to be and not saving. After getting coached on her pricing and implementing our savings system Elizabeth has been able to save nearly 50k while saying no to clients who aren't aligned with her future.


Marisha, tech founder, saved $54,499.95 with inconsistent income

Antigone, life coach, saved $3,400 with inconsistent income

Antigone joined 6FS ready to level up her money, her mindset, and get herself out of debt. Within just 30 days she'd saved 2.2k just by getting her money organized and asking a few clarifying questions. Now she has 11 months left in the program to hit all her money goals.


Ready to Dive In?

Liberty, organizational consultant, saved $18,904 with inconsistent income

Liberty joined 6FS during a transition in their business into a brick and mortal model. They used everything they learned in 6FS to save up the funds from their consulting business to fund opening the center! All while navigating being a new parent.

Caitlin, money coach, saved $43,458 with inconsistent income


Caitlin joined 6FS as a money coach who knew how to handle her money, but wanted to work on her money mindset around her ability to earn more as an entrepreneur than as an employee. 



Terry, balloon decor business owner, saved $11,985.67 with inconsistent income

Terry joined 6 Figure Saver as a Profit First Girlie! She was spending too much time managing Profit First, vs just building more profit! So after a Cash Flow Review, and a Make More Money Review Terry was able to consolidate her accounts, go out and earn more, and saved 11k in the process.

Maddie, photographer, saved $26,109.59 on inconsistent income

Olivia, social media manager, saved $50,126.00 with inconsistent income


When Maddie joined 6FS she said "EVERY TIME I feel like dang look at that stacked bank account something happens!". There was always another expense right around the corner. After implementing the cash flow waterfall Maddie has saved over 26k in just 2 months.

Marisha owns a 7 figure SaaS company with high overhead and payroll costs. She has big aspirations of scaling her revenue, which comes with more needs for cash on hand in the business. In just 3 months Marisha is half way to saving 100k!




Patti joined 6FS and hit the ground running. After binging the curriculum on day 1, she was able to save her first $3,950 after being in 6FS for just 24 hours! She's consistently implemented our saving systems and in just 2 months has already saved 5 figures!


After a hard business transition where Catherine cut her team, and went from a million dollar year, to a 350k year, she joined 6FS to get her money straight. Just by watching the curriculum she had her first 5 figure savings month, and has gone on to continue growing her savings while paying off debt.

Catherine, writing coach, saved $83,753.43 with inconsistent income


Olivia joined 6FS with a growing social media management agency, growing team expenses, and after making the big transition from living in Canada, to living in the US after getting married. With our concepts and tools she was able to save over 50k and earn more money with out Make More Money Reviews.



Yes! 6 Figure Saver teaches you a cash flow management and saving system that is universal no matter where you live. As long as you're an entrepreneur with variable income, this program is for you.

No, as entrepreneurs we spend money to make money. Cutting expenses is not a helpful approach to saving if it cuts off our earning potential. Instead we teach you how to spend money on the right things, while reallocating budget from where you're business is leaking money without an ROI.

You don't need a budget to save! The backbone of our saving strategies in 6FS is a banking system with bank rules, not a budget. All of our clients learn how to save without a budget, budgeting can still be a helpful tool for some, but it's not a requirement.

When you join 6FS you'll get access to our curriculum portal, bonuses, weekly calls, and slack support for 12 months from the day you join. You'll then get an opportunity to re-enroll if you'd like to extend your time.

Yes, it is exponentially easier to pay off debt when your bank account is stacked. In 6 Figure Saver we teach a savings first approach that will help you get out of debt reliance forever, and will support you in saving with debt with out "Save with Debt" module.

Just like in your business, you probably know how to get clients too - but you still have a goal to scale. You may know how to consistently save, but we want to teach you how to save $100K. You may know how to consistently save - but do you worry about failed payments and flopped launches? Do you worry about growing your debt and feel like you have to hold off on investments you know would be good for your business? Then you need to become a 6 Figure Saver.

let's do this

Join 6 Figure Saver today and save  $100k in 12 months.


Wins on the Way to 100k