Save $100k in   12 months regardless of your income

6 Figure Saver is a 12 month financial coaching program for entrepreneurs who want to save $100k and heal their relationship with money.

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 Entrepreneurs need to prioritize savings over paying off debt.

In 6 Figure Saver we teach a 1 click debt pay off strategy. It goes like this: save $100k, then pay off all your debt in 1 click.

Part of the reason you're stuck in feast or famine is because you're always prioritizing paying off debt first, and you're viewing your savings as a bonus. This feels like the "responsible" thing to do, but its counter productive to how cash flow works as an entrepreneur.

Here's the reality: cash flow in business is variable, it goes up and down, and when you have a low cash month, your savings need to be there to float you until your next cash injection.


By prioritizing savings, you break the debt cycle, and you can create a sustainable debt pay off plan that works with the way your money moves.

As an entrepreneur your monthly money situation will always look different than the last, so trying to force yourself to save every single month never works. The advice to turn on an automated saving transaction is outdated, and it only works for people with a fixed income or a 9-5.

In 6 Figure Saver you're going to implement a cash flow system that was designed for entrepreneurs with variable income and expenses. This system will make saving lump sums during high cash months easy, so that you don't have to panic during low cash months.

It's time to get off the feast or famine rollercoaster that often comes with entrepreneurship and learn how to save so you can decrease your money anxiety, start paying yourself a living wage, never have to worry about taxes coming due, and always have a buffer.

No matter where you’re currently at in your savings, you will apply our proven blueprint and save $100k cash in your accounts.

Saving $100k is easier when you don't focus on monthly budgeting.


She went from feeling incredibly disorganized and all over the place, behind on her invoicing and bookkeeping, to creating a money system that works. She got organized, got caught up, and implemented the Owners Pay System. Now she's regularly saving 5 figures a month!


She put the $100k Blueprint into place by cleaning up her Money Systems, working on her Money Mindset, and embodying Money Leadership. 12 months later to the T, Dr. Kari had over 6 figures of assets using The Blueprint.

Meet the Savers who hit $100k!

Twyla saved $104,181 in 7 months with a jewelry business!

Twyla joined 6 Figure Saver with the thought that she needed to work more if she wanted to earn more. We worked HARD on her money mindset and ended up selling $100k in 54 days, and having a $20k cash sales day on her birthday while she was out celebrating. By tackling her money mindset around her ability to earn money, she was able to make more AND save more than ever before.

Kirsten Saved $171,389 with debt, and while transitioning her business model.

Kirsten joined 6FS with a 300k business, all her offers selling on evergreen, and paying herself a minimal owners pay to cover her bills. She set up her Cash Flow Waterfall, started paying herself 5 figures, and learning how to save in lump sums all while transitioning her business to a launch model.

Leslie saved $108,000 and started her retirement fund

Leslie wanted to do 2 things when she started working on her money journey. She wanted to FEEL confident in her money management and feel like she was going to be ok (even with her high cost of living), and she wanted to see real money growing in the bank. After 8 months Leslie has been able to save $108k across her business and her personal finances, she's started contributing to her retirement, all while having her kids in private school, taking regular vacations, and not cutting her quality of life.

Talia saved $102,000 as a therapist 

Talia's therapy practice was growing and she wanted to make sure she was being a good steward of her money, and being smart about it. By implementing the cash flow management tools in 6FS, and getting her money mindset coached, Talia was able to save over $100k in less than a year in preparation for buying her dream SoCal home.


Amanda joined 6FS with a scaling business, and the scaling expenses to match.  She said her biggest barrier to saving was that her expenses were so high, and there wasn't really anything to cut. 

In Amandas first week of 6FS she implemented the Cash Flow Waterfall and saved her first $25,000! She's been saving using the methods we teach ever since and hasn't had to cut any expenses to do so.

Jasmine saved $105,500 in just 6 months

Jasmine joined 6FS skeptical. She thought "I can learn how to save, but $100k is a definitely a stretch goal". Then she went through the curriculum in 1 weekend and started implementing. Within her first 30 days Jasmine had saved $20,500. Within 6 months she had saved $105k, shocking even herself. With her savings she's been able to invest in high level masterminds, go on multiple friends trips, and invest in her dream interior designer and furniture upgrades. 

Lisa saved $102,981.22 and then quit her job to be a full time entrepreneur.

Lisa joined 6FS as a side hustler, and ended 6FS as a full time entrepreneur. She implemented the money mindset frameworks, cash flow systems, and separated her business finances from her personal finances. 7 days before her 12 month mark in 6FS she hit $100k saved!

Dielle saved $147,800.00 and fully paid off her student debt

Dielle joined 6FS with a scaling business, BIG upcoming expenses for live events she was planning, and the desire to pay off her student debt that had been lingering. By implementing the coaching, and strategies in 6FS Dielle was able to save over $100k and turn around and pay off her student debt in FULL!

Have you tried budgeting a million different ways but it never seems to work? Maybe you set up automatic savings transfers but always end up turning them off because it's hard to predict what's gonna be in your checking account?

This is because you're trying to take money management advice that was designed for people with a FIXED income. But entrepreneurs don't have a fixed income, our income is VARIABLE.

In 6 Figure Saver you learn how to manage your income like an entrepreneur, not an employee by creating a system that lets you constantly save lump sums without having to check your spreadsheet, ask your bookkeeper, or spend hours doing projections.

saving $100k is easier when your bucket is water tight.

90% of financial advice doesn't work for entrepreneurs because it was written for and by people with a 9-5.

► I hit 100k banked, then 100k turned into 200k, then 500k, and the snowball keeps going! Once I hit my first 100k the effort and time it took to reach each subsequent milestone lessened.
► I get paid. My owners' pay got paid every single month even when I was a 5 figure business, even when I took 3 months off selling for my maternity leave, even when I had 0 sales months, even while paying my high ticket coach.
► Fully funded business reserves. My business always has the cash on hand to invest in what it needs. Money is no longer a decision factor when making investments, the only thing that matters is if it's a good fit.

Meet Your Coach

Hi! I'm Gina Knox.

aka Money's Mom. Here's what happened to me after implementing the 100k Balance Blueprint

What's included in the 12 month program?

Every Tuesday at 11am PST I coach my clients inside 6 Figure Saver to make sure they're reaching their financial goals and staying accountable.

We're a first-name-basis type of group.

Financial Coaching


  • Every week we have a live group coaching call where you have the opportunity to get hot seat coached.

  • Monday - Friday I answer questions and coach inside our slack channel.

The only finance course for entrepreneurs that walks you step-by-step through how to save $100k in 12 months while paying yourself more. This is THE industry standard financial management course for business and personal finances.

Financial Course


  • Video trainings breakdown everything you need to succeed financially

  • Beautifully designed spreadsheets (just plug and play - no spreadsheet or math skills required)

  • Deep dives into your money mindset

When you've submitted $10k or more of savings in 6FS, Savers unlock access to The Lounge, a members only lounge where you'll unlock access to:



  • An additional bonus course that will guide you in continuing your savings journey based on your income level

  • A Members only quarterly call with Gina

Submit your numbers at any time and get a cash flow review within 48 hours by a 6FS Coach. In your review we'll go over:

Cash Flow Reviews


to Dive In?


The Lounge is included in your 6FS membership, but your spot must be earned!

Every first Friday of the month we host our Monthly Money Dates. These are 3 hour blocks of time where you can come co-work with us, update your money trackers for the month prior, and make your spending and savings plans for the month to come.

Monthly Money Dates


  • Come and go as you like during our 3 hour block
  • Take the call from the pool, or your favorite coffee shop and make it a treat!
  • Have 6FS coaches on the call to help with any spreadsheet troubleshooting questions

  • What money to leave in your checking, and what to move to savings
  • What your owners pay should be, and what you can afford
  • Go over 6 months of income and expenses with you
  • Create a cash flow plan based on your unique numbers

December 5th – 16th

Eliminate $ Blocking Thoughts

Start making more money In 2 weeks by identifying your money making blocks, the actions you need to take to create more sales, and get coached daily on shifting your money making mindset.

Coming Next! July 1st - August 31st

Cash Camp

 It's time we make money FUN! Introducing CASH CAMP our summer camp designed to get you saving. The goal of cash camp is simple: pick something fun you want to spend money on this summer, spend it, and then replenish your savings.

Hit your next savings goal, whether it's to PIF for your next business investment, fund your personal emergency fund, or take your next vacation.

FEB 20th – March  22nd

10k in 30 Days Challenge

The 3 Live Challenges

Savers on their way to $100k















ELIZABETH - Podcast strategist saved

















Learn our signature method the Cash Flow Waterfall to plan your 12 month savings journey

Create Your 12 Month Savings Plan

Learn the simple banking rules you need to follow so you can be saving often, without having to do nitty gritty bookkeeping or checking a spreadsheet.

Create Your Bank Balance Buffer

Go in depth into our Save First, Debt Last concept, our philosophies on over-investing in business, and our money perfectionism mindset tools.

6FS Core Concepts

Learn how to save on evergreen, save during launches, save to pay in full for taxes, and save for 3 months of team expenses.

Plan Your Savings

Get access to our spreadsheet suite so you can see all your money and plan your spending each month.

Plan Your Spending

What's Included

Learn our Unbothered Energy tool that helps you feel better about all aspects of your money. From debt, to bank balances, to increasing expenses, and variable income.

Feel Better About Money

Get access to our spreadsheet suite so you can see all your money and plan your spending each month.

BONUS: Sell More to Save More Challenge

The investment


5 monthly payments of $400

You'll Receive:

  • 12 Month access to weekly coaching calls
  • 12 Month access to Slack community
  • 6 Figure Saver full spreadsheet suite for business and personal
  • And more!



one time payment of $2,000


Inside 6 Figure Saver you’re learning how to save. 95% of the course content, and group coaching is universal! We currently have a growing international presence in 6 Figure Saver with members from Canada and Argentina!

Yes! You can save while in debt. The vast majority of 6 Figure Savers come in with debt.

You'll receive 12 months access to our weekly office hours. Come and get coached live by a 6FS Mindset & Cash Flow Strategy Coach.

12 months! A full fiscal year of live coaching from me - your money expert in your pocket. And if 12 months isn't enough for you, there's an option to extend your live coaching membership as well.

12 months! A full fiscal year of live coaching from me - your money expert in your pocket. And if 12 months isn't enough for you, there's an option to extend your live coaching membership as well.

Oh and did I mention that 6 Figure Saver Members have saved a grand total of:


Wins on the Way to 100k

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Join 6 Figure Saver today and learn how to save $100k in 12 months.