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Gina knox

Gina Knox is a financial coach for entrepreneurs with variable income. 

She teaches entrepreneurs how to save $100k with her program 6 Figure Saver, then she helps her clients create a 7 figure wealth portfolio with her mastermind 7 Figure Wealth. Over her career as a coach Gina has helped her clients save $4,749,071.90!

Gina is a Mexican Mom, an art school grad, a designer, a hobby potter, a world traveler, and a money nerd.

Your audience will leave unbothered about their money and empowered to build the wealth they’ve dreamed of. 

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► Clients have saved $6,611,927.96 in just 3 years.

► I've helped my clients set up wealth portfolios that are on track to generate $64,505,760.20

► I've paid myself a consistent salary since I was making $30k/year - you don't need to earn 6 figures to pay yourself.

► 5 of my clients have bought their dream homes in high cost of living areas.

► Clients have paid off hundreds of thousands of dollars of credit card, medical, and student debt using my money strategies.


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