The Mastermind where you will set up your 7 Figure Retirement in 90 days

You’ve put retirement on the back burner while growing your business, now it’s time to get it done. In 90 day you will set up your retirement accounts, fully fund them, and automate it so you can peacefully walk into a 7 figure retirement.



But a hands free retirement account WILL scale to 7 figures and beyond without a single ounce of effort from you after you set it up. And you don’t even have to know how to pick stocks to do it.

7 Figure Retirement is a 6 month mastermind of high achieving industry leaders. We will get shit done, but we’ll also network, support one another, share insights on financial and business leadership, and mastermind on creating generational wealth.

Courses aren’t passive.
Real estate isn’t passive.
Crypto isn’t passive.

Retirement is the only passive income.

What exactly is 7 Figure Retirement?

When you join 7 Figure Retirement you will receive:

This in person live event will happen on October 1st in Austin TX, where we will getting to know one another, and masterminding around 3 core topics:

→ Debt as Leverage for Growth
→ Investing for Financial Independence
→ 7 Figure Mindset

We’ll finish the day with a group dinner hosted by me.

The Live Event

The portal will host everything you need to get retirement up and running. Think of your portal like a how-to guide to setting up accounts, learning about the stock market (even if you currently know nothing about it), and learning our retirement mindset tools. You will have access to the portal for life.

The Portal

We will meet once a week to stay accountable to the timeline and grow in our financial leadership. This won’t just be group coaching and Q&A, we will truly be sharing insights with one another and creating connections as first generation wealth builders.

The Mastermind

You will also receive private mentorship from Gina throughout the mastermind. This includes a monthly 60 minute coaching session where you can get personalized retirement strategy and mindset coaching in a private setting.

The Private Mentorship






If you’re done keeping this to-do item on the back burner, if you’re ready to check it off and never worry about it again, submit an application below and book a sales call today.

Not just a plan, not just the knowledge, but a fully funded, fully automated retirement that WILL scale to 7 figures and beyond by the time you’re 65 (or the age of your choosing).

By 2023 you will have an automated retirement. 

Last day for sales calls is September 23rd, and time slots are first come first serve.


7 Figure Retirement is for the entrepreneur who wants to set up retirement one time and then forget about it and go back to being a CEO. You love growing your business, but knowing that a 5-10M is waiting for you at retirement doesn’t hurt either (even if you decide to never actually “retire”).

Who is 7 Figure Retirement ideal for?

You’re ready to set up the kind of wealth that will last for generations.

→ You must have cash on hand that you are ready to invest (this can be in 1 account, or your total cash balances across multiple accounts, business and personal)
→ You must have an accountant by our start date of October 1st.

Program Requirements:


In 7 Figure Retirement we are going to be moving quickly. These requirements ensure you have the cash on hand to set this up now, and the accountant ready to help you stay compliant with the IRS.


The Portal Module Breakdown

We will hold your hand and walk you through choosing the right retirement account for you, and setting it up with a reputable brokerage. This step can be tedious and a boring to do list item so we knock it out at the beginning and get it over with.

Set Up Your Accounts

module 1

Your accounts will be set, you’ll be ready to fully fund it, and your accountant will be looped in on the process using our pre-written emails.

In this module we get to do fun math. By using my retirement calculator we will determine EXACTLY how much money you need to invest today to reach your 7 figure retirement by whatever retirement age you choose.

This calculator will show you exactly how much you will invest, how much you will retire with, and what monthly salary you will be able to pull from your retirement accounts when you’re 65+.

Oh and we’ll be setting up these accounts to ENSURE you have millions of dollars to pass down to future generations from the jump.

Calculating Your Generational Wealth Number

module 2

When you don’t know what you’re investing your money in, you’re much more likely to make million dollar mistakes. That’s why I’ll be breaking down what the stock market is, how to invest in it, and what investments you should buy. No fancy jargon, just simple to understand concepts so you can make informed choices.

Investing 101

module 3

Investing WILL be an up and down journey, that is a guarantee. Recessions will come and go, and your portfolio will contract and expand over time. And in those moments an unmanaged mind can make mistakes that cost you everything. Many of us saw that happen to our loved ones in 2008. So before you leave 7 Figure Retirement I’m going to teach you how to manage your mind like a seasoned investor.

Retirement Mindset

module 4


You’ll know your Generational Wealth Numbers and what you need to fully fund your goal.


You will be an informed investor, and you will pick your retirement investments and fully fund them.


 A bullet proof investing mind that’s guaranteed to win in the long run.



The investment


6 monthly payments of $2,000


pay in full



Gina Knox is a financial coach for online entrepreneurs who has helped her clients save multi-millions of dollars. She started investing in her retirement accounts at age 22 and is projected to hit $9,297,416.66 by retirement age even if she never invests another dime. To date Gina has made multiple 6 figures on her investment portfolio alone by following a simple, lazy girl investing strategy that requires none of her time. Gina is also getting her Life Coach Certification through the Life Coach School and coaches on money mindset, and money stories.

Meet Your Coach

Gina Knox

Applications open again in 2024