156. Why being a wealthy woman is the best thing Janae Young can be

Entrepreneurship, Investing

May 5, 2024

Episode Synopsis:

Janae Young, a college admissions coach and entrepreneur, shares her journey of starting a tutoring business at 15 and scaling it into a successful company. She then transitioned into the college admissions space and built a multiple six-figure business by the age of 22. Janae joined 7 Figure Wealth to gain control over her finances and learn how to invest. As of today, she has invested $166,754 in the market and is projected to have over $12 million by the time she retires. Janae emphasizes the importance of understanding your numbers and having a plan to achieve financial independence. In this conversation, Janae Young shares her experience of joining a wealth program and the benefits she gained from coaching. She discusses how coaching helped her overcome her fears and emotions around money and provided her with a safe space to be vulnerable. Janae also talks about her wealth goals, which include financial freedom, variety in her life, and the ability to give back to her community. She emphasizes the importance of having an exit strategy and income sources outside of her business. Janae recommends the wealth program to those who want to plan for their future and have more flexibility and variety in their lives.

About Janae Young:

Janae Young is a college admissions coach and Stanford University Alumni who has helped students around the world raise their test scores and navigate the college application process for over 8 years. After witnessing a need in her community, she founded her company at 15 years old in Wilmington, NC to help students achieve personal and academic success. Over the last 8 years as an entrepreneur, Janae has coached hundreds of students throughout the college application process to reach their dream schools including Stanford, Harvard, Cornell, UPenn, Columbia, Yale, Princeton, Dartmouth, etc. She now helps students raise their SAT/ACT scores and get accepted into highly competitive schools through her group coaching programs Ivy League Score and Ivy League Acceptance. As a multiple six-figure business owner at 22 years old, Janae hopes to utilize her passion for entrepreneurship and education to empower other students to accomplish their wildest dreams.

Where to find Janae:

Website: www.janaetutoring.com 
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/janaetutoring 
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/janaetutoring1/

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