158. From 42k in credit card debt to home owner in 12 months with Genieva Davidson

Debt, Money Mindset

May 24, 2024

Episode Synopsis:

Genieva Davidson, a publicist, shares her journey of paying off $40,000 in credit card debt and the mindset shifts she experienced along the way. Initially resistant to the save first, pay off debt last method, Genieva eventually embraced it and found peace in seeing her savings grow. She learned to overcome regret and view debt as a tool for business growth.Genieva also discusses the impact of money mindset on her selling energy and the importance of setting boundaries with clients. She shares her experience of living on a boat and her plans to buy property. In this conversation, Genieva shares her journey from van life with a toddler to financial stability and homeownership. She discusses the challenges of running a business while living in a van and the impact it had on her family. Genieva talks about her financial situation before joining 6 Figure Saver, including debt and inconsistent income. She highlights the transformation she experienced after joining the program and learning money management skills. Genieva also emphasizes the importance of involving her spouse in financial decisions and overcoming limiting beliefs. She shares her future financial goals and introduces her business and services.

About Genieva:

Genieva Davidson is owner of Genieva Bliss Media that specializes in PR through press and podcast interviews. After being a PR assistant for a few years, she learned the industry and saw what was needed to stand out among pitches. Through relationship building and efficient systems, Geneva has landed her clients features in BBC, Forbes, New York Post, Mind Body Green, Women’s Health, podcasts with over 23 million downloads, and more.

Where to find Genieva:

Website: https://genievablissmedia.com 
Social: https://www.instagram.com/genievablissmedia

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